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Looking for a talented author or a creative rewriter (Бюджет - договорной)

Категория: Тексты
Тип: вакансия
Are you feeling like a great writer? Have good imaination or unique way of thinking? Or you were the best with rewriting your classmate's essays at school? If your answer is "Yes"", then join our company, cause we're gonna show you, how to earn money with using your talent! We are DALS Media company, which works with women's web-journal. So, we're looking for English-speaking authors, for rewriting articles about show-buisnes, health, beaty, style, relationships and all other women's topics.
Usual amount of articles: 5-10 artciles of S and M sizes per day.
Payment depends on the article size:
S - up to 250 words - 1.7$
M - 250-650 - 3$
L - 650 and more - 4.5$

So, we're waiting for you, dear writers
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